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Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page - Matt Kish I learned of this book shortly before I began Moby Dick and was intrigued, but figured such a huge book would cost me a heap of postage. Thank you amazon.de for making this purchase possible and less painful than expected.

This is a beautiful companion to Moby Dick, full of inpired drawings and graphic work, one based on every page of the book. It's the kind of thing only someone who really loved the book could do, and that's what makes it all the more beautiful, the ekphrastic homage! It was touching in that way, where you see how Moby Dick really lives within this artist.

When I was younger and had not yet begun writing poetry, I used to copy out poems I loved by hand as a way of internalizing them and, honestly, showing my devotion to them in the only way that seemed possible. How I felt doing that is similar to the vibe I got going through this book - the artist making Moby Dick part of himself, wanting in a way to interact wíth it.

Very impressed. I totally recommend this to anyone who likes Moby Dick, or any art lover afraid to embark on the reading alone.