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Eutopia - David Nickle This was well written and imaginative but hey holy hillbillies it was too way out. The story revolves around a utopian society in Idaho that goes awry, as such things are wont to do. The sub-plot (co-plot?) has to do with a young man orphaned by a deadly virus that kills his whole town. An aunt who just happens to be on her way through brings him to the utopian society, called Eliada.
I had the feeling you sometimes get when someone buys you two birthday presents instead of one - that nagging feeling that the giver didn't think the first gift was quite up to snuff, so they tried to mask its inadequacy with a supplemental gift. The two threads of the plot do come together, but I didn't find it really satisfying. And, as I said, it was way out.
Anyway, cool cover, and it is good to leave one's beaten path in reading, and I won't give up on the horror genre. I did after all hit the jackpot last year with Let the Right One In.