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In Watermelon Sugar - Richard Brautigan In the past few years when I hear US indie bands with male singers, it strikes me how boyish many of their voices are. I wonder if this is just an indie thing. Take Jeff Tweedy and Ben Folds - they often sound like teenage boys, whether dreamy teenage boys or angry ones. Since I haven't lived in America for a while, maybe it seems particularly pronounced to me. Nevertheless I can't help thinking, wow, America sure loves its innocent boymen! I thought the same thing reading [b:In Watermelon Sugar|46182|In Watermelon Sugar|Richard Brautigan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1170315302s/46182.jpg|1388157]. And to be honest I didn't like it that much. I get that it's supposed to be simple and innocent, but it would be helpful if it were also good. Give me Holden Caulfield any day. Or give me some grown-up literature.