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The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes At first I thought, oh well, that was somewhat predictable. Well-written story of an unassuming man named Anthony Webster who gets a wake-up call from the past.
We get a few interesting twists and details as memory unfolds and repressed scenes relating to Anthony's youthful romance with Veronica come back, if not fully.

I didn't think it all that surprising that Veronica had a child with her subsequent boyfriend, Adrian, except when it turned out that it wasn't Veronica who had the child at all, but her mother Sarah. And then that Adrian wasn't the father at all, but forgetful Anthony was! Mein Gott, that was a shocker, even though it's not all that neatly tied up. Still, considering the number of clues in the book, there is for me no denying that Anthony (Tony) is Adrian Jr.'s father.
1- the "blood money"
2- the "you don't get it"
3- the woman (Sarah) "making a secret, horizontal gesture beneath a sunlit wisteria"
4- the broken egg yolk (also on the COVER of the book)
5- the "great unrest"

6- everything else

5 stars for that surprise.